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DJR Linemarking is made up off a dedicated team with a mangment structure pro-activley reviewing new equipment, methods and procedures. Alongside a team of highly trained, skilled operatives who's dedication, teamwork, knowledge and manpower, strives to provide you with a high quality service and minimal disruption to your work operations.


We can provide a variety of services to accommodate all of our client’s needs. These range from, new road marking layouts, to restoring old and worn markings, installation of disabled bays, parent and toddler bays, cross hatching and no parking signs. We also provide anti-skid surfacing, steel preservation painting and mastic jointing.

All work is carried out by trained operators who hold the skills required to safley undertake the operations by both in house training alongside certification from the relevent trade associations. We aim to provide a high quality serivce for our clients with our extensive knowledge of Line Marking and Line Removal, alongside adopting a 'excellence is a habit not an act. It takes practiuse and perserverance' approach with Zero defects.

We offer our clients a prompt, cost effective and professional service, no matter the project size or location, with highly competitive pricing alongside our outstanding quality of work we guarantee to provide you with the best service.


We understand that tasks must be planned and executed with meticlulous attention to detail for every client, which we feel we can up hold. All divisions within DJR are working together to achieve the best end result for every client.

We pride ourselves on returning your FREE quotation to you within 24hrs of viewing the work to be undertaken.  We work 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.

To receive a FREE quotation for your requirements please call or email us today.

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UNIT J, Altbarn Industrial Estate, Revenge Road
Chatham, Kent, England ME5 8UD


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Tel: 01634 560906

Email: office@djrlinemarking.co.uk


Registered in England and Wales No 09272997

Contact details


Unit J

Altbarn Industrial Estate

Revenge Road






Tel: 01634 560906

Mobile: 07487564660

Email: office@djrlinemarking.co.uk

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